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2020 Market Location

In order to accommodate COVID Safety Protocols, we will be located at Alpine Lakes Elementary this season!

Thanks to the generous support of the Cascade School District, we have a new Market location for the 2020 season (or at least until school starts up again!).  The Market will be held in the parking lot of the Alpine Lakes Elementary School.  We know that one of your favorite things about the LCFM is the chance to hang out, socialize, listen to music, eat some dinner, and shop! All at once! But, well, this year we are simplifying our mission: get the food to the people, safely!  To that end, please make sure to adhere by our guidelines so that we can continue to hold the Market in this new, awesome space.  We will be sharing a lot of information on Facebook so stay tuned as we approach June 4th.

Here is the Market map.  Please study it before attending the Market.  There will be one entrance and one exit for foot traffic.  We also ask that you utilize the on-site parking and avoid parking on the street and disrupting the neighbors. Also, no lingering on site please! The school grounds are closed and we need to respect the use of this space so we can continue to use it.


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