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Season's Review from Your Market Manager

A look at how the Market fared despite the challenges that 2020 has thrown at us!

What a wild ride! The 2020 Farmers Market Season has been non-stop, relentless and complicated, but it has also been reassuring, resourceful and inspiring. We made it through countless challenges as a strong community dedicated to supporting each other. Despite so much change, the market was a smashing success, as was the Farm to Table fundraiser! And thanks to our team and our community, we have a lot to look forward to.

Overall, we didn’t see nearly the losses we anticipated this season. We also didn’t have a single COVID-related market closure and we only shut down once for smoke. We still received a whopping $15,000 in business sponsorships (down only 40% from 2019) which is incredible and truly shows how supportive this community is in times of need. We are so thankful for our generous sponsors!

I am still crunching some final numbers (reports are still coming in), but as I am writing this I know that vendors sold at least $102,200 worth of goods this season, even without any prepared food on site! Over 73% of those profits came from growers and producers, which is right on target. In 2019 vendors made $108,200 (not including prepared foods), so we were actually very close to a normal year’s sales this season! What’s even more inspiring is that our average sales per farmer were way up this season ($463/Farmer/Market in 2019 and $600/Farmer/Market in 2020) – which begs the question of what specific changes made these differences?!

I am really looking forward to diving into the data to see where and why vendors lost and gained income – with so many changes this season, we will have a lot of factors to analyze! 

Speaking of changes, our community fundraising looked very different this season, but we still received an outstanding $11,000 in financial support from individuals and through our Farm to Table at Home fundraiser! It is such an honor to serve a community that is so committed to helping each other! 

As I look forward to the winter and 2021, I am inspired by what we accomplished this season and motivated to give more and work harder to help the Market and this community grow and thrive. 

I hope you have all taken a moment to fill out our Customer Survey, so that the LCFM team can progress in the service of the community next season! There is so much work to be done!



Market Manager


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