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Where to Give Locally This Season - Director's Blog

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We are so lucky to live in such a generous community and to work with such amazing partners all year long. I recently received an email from a Leavenworth resident asking how to donate to the Market and where else they could donate this season to support basic needs in our community (thank you so much for your email!). It is the most heartwarming thing to hear from the community that they want to give more, especially this year.

If you are interested in donating to the Market, your donation can help us start the new year with a replenished Good Farmer Fund. This is our "rainy day" fund for our produce vendors - it helps keep them growing so they can continue to provide for you and your neighbors. This year we emptied out our Good Farmer Fund by granting $5250 to our producers to make up for the number of unforeseeable challenges they faced in 2020. Next year, with your help, we hope to give just as much.

If you are looking for more ways to give, take a look at this list of LCFM partners and regional basic needs providers and consider making a donation to them as well! Our collective success is essential to building a strong, vibrant community.

Upper Valley MEND's programs benefit "the basic health, housing and hunger needs of residents and transients in the Upper Wenatchee Valley." They provide an incredible array of essential services to our community, including the Community Cupboard Food Bank and the Free Clinic.

Waste Loop's mission is to "transform local waste streams" and inspire sustainability in our community. We look forward to partnering with Waste Loop in 2021 to support their work in promoting sustainable agriculture and providing education to minimize Leavenworth's waste!

SAGE stands for Safety, Advocacy, Growth and Empowerment. SAGE's mission is to provide "services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, general crime, and child victims of violence."

Mountain Sprouts' mission is "providing the Upper Valley with outdoor based early childhood education." They are also regular hosts of the Kids Education Booth at our Market and generally an incredible organization that we hope to see grow!

WRI provides programs that "help participants understand their environment and discover the impact they can have in the world and their community." Donations to WRI are currently being matched 100% when you donate via Give NCW.

Tierra Village's mission "is to provide people with Intellectual Disabilities homes in a beautiful natural setting & service in a collaborative, integrated, diverse community." We look forward to future projects in collaboration with Tierra Village and their incredible program leaders and participants!

Mountain Meadows is our local nonprofit Senior Living Campus. They are raising money this season to install a new air-purification system, which is particularly crucial to the safety of their staff and residents during the pandemic. To support this cause, please consider mailing a check to: 320 Park Ave, Leavenworth WA, 98826.

Thank you for donating, no matter where!

Wishing you all a healthy holiday season,

Cali Osborne

LCFM Executive Director


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